release #029
released October 31. 2012

This record was meant to be something different entirely. We were different people and a different band when we began writing this record. Everything happens for a reason, and this “everything” happened to be a series of unfortunate events combined with an endless struggle that still burns to this day.  Above all, beyond this record, there is a hunger in us; that we will never ever ever ever be given the satisfaction of feeling full. The need to create and move forward; what we are speaking of.

Available for free digital download and cassette tape.





“Take nothing serious, it’ll all be over soon.”
-Rickey Bates

“Fuck Off All Nerds”
Mitchell Dubey
We are a Two-peice band and what you hear on this record is a representation of how we actually sound “Live” with the aid of instrument looping to create layers and a sampler to play the sound clips…


released 31 October 2012
World’s Strongest Man is:
Jared Scheurer // Guitar, Vocals, Looping
Christopher Ducote // Drums, Samples, Time Keeping
Produced, Recorded, and Mastered by Chad Palmer at Adigita Studios in Lake Worth, Florida
Art/Layout by Michael (Mike C Hardcore) Cortada at MCHC Designs
All lyrics / music written and recorded by World’s Strongest Man
All Samples borrowed from the film “NETWORK” written by Paddy Chayefsky
Poem at the end of “Apathy and I” was written by Paul Simundich
Community Records #029

Song Titles
Side One:
I. Crocodile Tears
II. Alligator Arms
Side Two:
III. Let Tradition Die (F.O.A.N.)
IIII. Apathy and I
I. Crocodile Tears

II. Alligator Arms
I might as well be on an island

Let the oceans, rise up
Bring on the wave, I can ride
Take me with, the current
Carry me away, carry me far

How many days
have I wished
to be
but here

Counting, calendar days
Is too much to bear
How many nights, have I, stared, at the sky…

With sand between my toes
and stars in my eyes.

III. Let Tradition Die (F.O.A.N)
the sun sets
i lay with the owls
close your eyes
count to 100

my eye lids are heavy
my mouth is dry
thoughts of you swimming in my mind

we are always falling apart
small threads, of days gone by
we are always patching holes in our lives
with dental floss, and sewing needles
when i lost you, i felt ripped in half
i can’t mend my heart, i can’t bring you back
i miss you brother , i miss you everyday
i can’t mend my heart, i can’t bring you back

for the rest of my days
I will not repair this wound
I’ll keep this as a constant reminder
to value my life, to live for you and I

IIII. Apathy and I
It’s hard to fight for good
it’s hard to care so much
when no one wants to change

We don’t dig graves with shovels anymore.
We use the hands we were given
for the acts we regret.
Still young men,
we age,
with every fistful of untethered earth.


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