Fatter Than Albert – The Last Minute


release # 001
release date: 10.30.2008

9 tracks by the jazz influenced ska-core group from New Orleans, LA.
These were recorded by Daniel Majorie and Chris George at the Living Room Studios in August 2008, mastered by Jason Ward in Chicago. These songs represent the past two years of this bands existence, more mature, more focused, and better musicianship. Album art work by Sean M. Self. Released on 12 inch vinyl, compact disc, and Free MP3 album. For fans of Blue Meanies, MU330, and Burning Spear

Track list:
1. Better Sleep
2. Tchoupitoulas Slim
3. Spitting Contest
4. Panda King
5. 27s Part.1
6. 27s Part.2
7. Bow-Legged Lillian
8. $100 Headphones
9. Last Minute


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