release #047
released October 7. 2014

ROCK AND ROLL!!! So excited to have this album as part of the Community Records family. Dan Potthast and Rick Johnson make some of our favorite music and here is a collaborative album from them featuring other guests & friends such as Laura Stevenson and Jeff Rosenstock. The result is a collection of really catchy pop tunes and concept songs about what life might look like for some post high school graduates.

This is a really fun record and if you dig any of Dan Potthast’s or Rick Johnson’s previous work, it’s likely that you’ll love these tunes. Don’t miss out, SHARKANOID RULES!


Dan Potthast and Rick Johnson have been writing, playing, recording, or otherwise actively involved, in independent music for over two decades. Those on the outside may recognize the pair from their more popular groups, MU330 and Mustard Plug, respectively. But rest assured, both have been hard at work establishing their own solo careers as well.

Along the way, both musicians have crossed paths multiple times within the underground music community. These intertwined paths have created a patchwork of collaborations in the past, but none as direct as the album they are now releasing together, Sharkanoid – “Have A Great Summer”. With this record, both artists have written a handful of songs and collaborated electronically between Santa Cruz, CA and Grand Rapids, MI before meeting to record at RISC Studios in L.A.  The record also features guest musicians and vocalists: Laura Stevenson, Jeff Rosenstock, and quite a few more. The result is a solid collection of pop rock songs that lament the passage of time and the often misdirected ways individuals come to terms with it.

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