release # 016
release date: Oct. 1. 2011

The long awaited release from New Orleans based pop-punk group The Lollies. 10 well composed songs with introspective lyrics. The band spent almost a year self recording / mixing these tunes. The hard work truly shines through on this release. The album was mastered locally by Mike Hogan. The packaging for the album is a digi-pack CD case with full lyrics and liner notes as the insert. 

Track List:
1. I Am A Malcontent
2. The Struggle
3. Popsicle Stand
4. Tooth of a Todler
5. Don’t Trust Anyone
6. Prey
7. Predator
8. Don’t Shoot The Mailman
9. My Parents Are Cannibals (for good reason)
10. Building A Fort


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