release # 002
release date: 04.14.2009

The dirtiest sound around. Stuck Lucky hails from the city of Nashville, TN. These boys have worked long nights, and slept in many a mornings (they don’t like sun light) to put out this album on vinyl and a very pretty CD. This album features a new drummer Mr. Eric Brown, and he brings a solid percussive foundation to Stuck Lucky’s frantic paced, melodic music. For fans of: the descendants, link 80, and killer punk/ska.

Track Listing:
1. …And I Broke A Possom’s Heart
2. Eternity So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades
3. If You Are What You Eat, Then I’ll Be You By Tomorrow
4. Paint These Walls
5. D…D…D…Devastation
6. Officer Down
7. Deep Black Hole (Pt. 1)
8. You Are The Lightning In My Thunderstorm
9. Deep Black Hole (Pt.2)
10. Unicorn Family Picnic
11. One Day I Won’t Wake Up (And That Would Be Just Fine)
12. Babies In The River
13. Flight Of The Taco Monster
14. The Flies / Wake Up And Thrash
15. Dance Of A Thousand Switchblades


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