Stuck Lucky – Hate The Light Of Day


release date: Summer 2006

Fast, Frantic, Freaking Awesome. Can that guitar be strummed any faster???, probably not. This album has some great ska and punk tunes. “Hate the Light of Day” is made for those who <3 to thrash. The dirtiest band from the east-middle of the United States. Tennessee could only be so lucky to the be the home of the fine, filthy, clever musicians. For fans of zombie movies, dirty basements, and being awake at 3 am.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Fall Of Rome
3. What You Do
4. El Vampiro
5. Rff
6. Someone Just Like You
7. Adore Admit Admire
8. In Case You Come Home Now
9. Skankin’ With A Handgun
10. In Purgatory
11. We Really Don’t Care
12. Muy Loco
13. Song For The Underling


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