release #067
released April 20. 2016

Neurotica is the debut full-length by New Orleans garage punks Gland! Evoking the B-52s’ post-punk party anthems and Jay Reatard’s indie-pop grit, the members of Gland embed their experiences, anxieties, and joys in nine confrontational, big hearted songs that keep their crowds in a trance. With the participation of Ross Farbe and James Whitten, Gland find common sonic ground with contemporary psychedelic pop acts like Ty Segall and King Gizzard. Their incisive feminist message, on the other hand, is so viciously relevant that they find more kinship with G.L.O.S.S. and Sheer Mag than any male peers in underground rock. Available on affordable, portable cassette for a righteous night in or getting hyped in your car to deal with the jerks at the show! – Ben Miotke

1. cram it
2. fuck cops
3. katana
4. beekeeper
5. bitch mania
6. brimstoner
7. drugs
8. dream
9. safe space

200 clear cassettes
w/ white ink print
mailorder tape – HERE

Debut single ‘Cram It’ via Noisey – HERE

digital download available 4/20/2016

gland, as appears on this album, is: kallie van tassel, farra mones, baaba black sheep, and jean trapezoid.

‘neurotica’ was recorded at the thermos in january 2016 with ross farbe. this album was mixed by ross farbe mastered by james whitten.

all songs written and recorded by GLAND, 2016

community records release number 067


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