release #032
released April 13. 2013
co-release with Broken World Media

review  taken from Good Music All Day:

Donovan Wolfington just released their new album Stop Breathing and it’s fucking awesome! Stop Breathing is a perfect example of the southern angst movement that is currently rising between Luisiana and Texas. Every song is a boiling orchestra of punk grooves with a southern drawl until lead singer, Neil Berthier, is screaming at the top of his lungs. If your a fan of Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, or the Desaparecidos then I can promise you that your already a fan of Donovan Wolfington.

You can download this record for free from this page, through the link on the right, or order a color vinyl HERE.


recorded and engineered by Ross Farbe (native america / sun hotel) mastered by Chris Rehm (caddywhompus)

track list

1. Die Alone
2. Spencer Green
3. Coca-Cola
4. American Spirits
5. Love Is Natural
6. Ryan Rowley
7. Zero
8. Hell
9. High Life


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