release #027
released November 11. 2012

The long awaited debut EP from New Orleans’ native songstress Dominique LeJeune. WAKE. This record is a collection of Dominique’s effort over the past few years. Ross Farbe has helped her to produce a cohesive selection of tunes that reflects her talent and creative ingenuity. Dominique has crafted a beautiful and interesting listening experience that you can download for free from this page.  She has been an integral part of the Community Records family for a long time and we are excited to be a part of this release along with chinquapin records. Enjoy.


released 11 November 2012
All songs written & performed by Dominique LeJeune.Appearances by…
Evan Cvitanovic: Drums (2, 4, 5 & 6)
Andrew Landry: Noise Guitar &/or Bass (2, 4 & 5)
Chris Rehm: Noise Guitar (6) Banjo, Bass, Percussion (7)
Ross Farbe: Synth, Organ, Misc. Percussion (Pasta shakers, Noise makers 808 beats, Tambourine, Glockenspiel etc) & Guitar (2-6)Recorded during a few thunderstorms in River Ridge at the Farbe house at the end of Summer 2012.
Recorded & Produced by Ross Farbe”Summer’s Slumber” was recorded in a bedroom of a shotgun on Constance Street covered by cat scratches in September 2010.
Recorded & Produced by Chris Rehm



2. In Reveries
I was drifting til I met you
a Jellyfish in the sea
felt like I’d always been waiting
for your companyI wanted so badly to touch you
you made me want to sing,
but my arms they are useless
for I can only stingin dreams I am free
in reveriesyou’re morning
you’re morning
you’re morning
you’re mourning.


3. Penny Please
I’ve been waiting here for you
while time’s been tearing me in two
take a step outside the lines
beyond the limits that confinebeen trapped inside these tiny shoes
with a heart this big I’m always confused
time’s changing faster than I can tell
thrown all my pennies down a wishing wellI’ll hold your hand while we sleep
curse these bad dreamsnext to you I feel my heart race
winning matters and I want first place
can’t look back I can’t give up
not gonna blame this on bad luckcan’t explain why you mean to me
a mighty bull, a trusty steed
you’re not like everybody else
you understand my silent yellsI’ll hold your hand while we sleep
curse these bad dreamslike a possom I play dead
won’t be able to when my soul is read
no more time for our white lies
I can see it in your eyeswe all have dozens of ideas
it’s up to us to make them real
our perception keeps us strong
fear everything or move alongI’ll hold your hand while we sleep
curse these bad dreams
4. Feel-Bet-r
I wrote you a letter the pain self-addressed
I don’t want to argue it’s already a messI am trying to find
some peace of mind
so let’s take our time
figure this outI want to love you,
but if it’s not right what can i do?
& I hope you understand this
it’ll all work outhold, hold, hold out your hands
and spin, spin as fast as you can
everything will be alright
so get some sleep tonightrun, run, run to keep up
fight, fight, fight it’s not enough
it’ll be over soon
it was always up to youeverything will be alright
so baby, get some sleep tonighteverything will be fine
happiness is just a state of mind
5. Shoulder
there is a calling deep inside my chest
& it’s screaming “this is all you’ve got left”
screaming “hold on”don’t you whisper, don’t you whisper
what you want me to hear
what you want me to hear
I live without the fear
that you’ve got in your eyesscreaming “hold on”& our eyes are slowly shutting down
& your hands are screaming things I can’t make out
that I can’t make outscreaming “hold on” to me
hold on, baby.


6. Foolish
I’m burning inside my skin
you brought the feeling back
I want to be numb again,
but around you I can’t relaxbaby, I’m a fool
I’m a fool for this& darling I don’t ‘ooh’
at your ‘oooh’s
oh, you knewall my love is gone
I’m lost and I should have known
that you’d fall through& did you know I’m scared to die?
yet it’s the only garuntee there is in life& did you know I’m scared to be alone?
yet it’s the only way, it’s the only way
its the only way I’ve ever knownbaby, I’m a fool
I’m a fool for this& darling
do you ever think in time we might make some sort of sense?
7. Summer’s Slumber
Baby my baby, lay by my side.
When I am with you I’ve got no need to hide.Baby my baby, sleep next to me.
Inside your arms is where I am meant to be.
Perfectly, perfectly.


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