release #019
release date Dec. 13. 2011

presented by the greenhouse collective & community records

An Hour and 1/2 of footage. Documentary / live performances from Block Party 2011. Over 5 months of visual and audio editing have gone into making this a reality: Music / Performances by: Rx Bandits, Stuck Lucky, Caddywhompus, A Billion Ernies, The Best of The Worst, The Rooks, Informant, Forthrights, Murphy’s Kids, Mad Conductor, Sun Hotel + TONS of amazing footage from the day. If you were there at Block Party, you’re probably seen in the film.

Comes in a sleek clear awesome DVD case w/ an insert.

There is no free download of this, but there are videos online from the footage. For now you can view the 2 minute trailer HERE

Mailorder the DVD for $5 HERE


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