release #065
released May 20. 2016

Enduringly sincere and unassumingly avant All People offer you All People, a release too apt to four years of artistic development not to be self-titled! With their overarching ethos of unfiltered emotion bound to song lengths, vocalists Greg Rodrigue and Daniel Ray focus on self-analysis, existential anxiety, coming to terms with mortality, and finding security despite lack of control. Musically, All People align most immediately with 90s emotional post-hardcore like Fugazi, Jawbreaker, the Promise Ring,and Sunny Day Real Estate, especially with new guitarist Joshua Campbell of Tare and New Lands reuniting with bandmate from the latter and founding All People drummer Rob Landry. This influence is transmuted through Rodrigue and Ray’s multi-instrumentalism inflected with new wave, punk, dream pop, and indie/alternative rock vibes that recall the Rentals, Asian Man Records’ fringes, the VSS, and Archers of Loaf. Throughout, All People does an exceptional job of presenting dark, relatable personal experiences and binding that darkness with melody!

1. Slow
2. Plain Essential Language
3. Naught
4. Fearful / Sick
5. Moonsteps
6. Start Again
7. Balloon
8. New Rain
9. Of You





The album was composed over the summer and fall of 2015 and recorded onto 2 inch tape at the Living Room Studios by Ross Farbe & Chris George in November 2015.

Mastered & Lacquers prepared
by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering.


Daniel Ray
Vocals, Keyboards, Trombone

Greg Rodrigue
Vocals, Bass Guitar / Bass Synth

Josh Campbell

Robert Landry

Greg Rodrigue & Daniel Ray co-run Community Records, and we are proud to say it’s our 65th release as a label.

afraid of thinking out loud
can’t sleep alone
continuous counting clouds my conscious
and i’ve got no control
i need to be amused
just give me a show
make them stop make them slow
make them stop. slow
counting sheep, lucky stars
get no sleep. i’m not in charge
i hold on to you
never-ending soundtrack
to the mundane and extravagant
pulse forever present in my mind

plain essential language
spoke in a language i could understand.
i’m not perfect and i will never be,
stop trying to control everything.
give you all the answers you are looking for,
but they’ll no longer matter, because you’ll be
no more. no more.
plain essential language, clarify the meaning,
let your ambition reside in me. in me.

when I walk around do i make a sound?
do you still believe in me?
do you still believe in yourself?
or was it all for naught?
tie your knots in bows dress yourself in those
was it all for naught?
now I’m in the ground do you miss me now?
tie your knots in bows reap what you’ve sown
was it all for naught?
i go out I don’t know who i am anymore

fearful / sick
i feel wasted now. i feel hopeless now.
what’s my fixation? what’s my fixation?
i’m fearful and sick, and i want none of this.
walls close in, no one gets this.
i feel alone, i’m not alone,
i’m hopeful and well, and i want all of this

my father always told me:
son, you gotta slow down
don’t run through life so quickly
take some time and look around
cause in the end it’s gone
and you don’t wanna be caught
with your eyes closed tight
don’t worry about what others think
and what they say and do
if you did the things they do
you would not be you

start again
tie myself in flowers
and wrap my bones in their stems,
find myself within their skin
and then i can start again,
flow within the ancient streams
of loosely based psychology,
worry not or struggle my dear,
the things you fear will disappear.
i look around nothing has changed,
i close my eyes nothing’s the same.
nothing’s the same

i’ll tell you all the secrets
that you wanna hear
i opened presents early
opened them early that year
i’ll tell you all the secrets
that you oughta know
i’ll tell you all the secrets
before you go
you’re not the owner you can’t control her
she’s not your problem, you see
she breathed in enough air to fill a balloon
couldn’t bring her where she belonged
wait your whole life just to see
just how much you mean to me
wait your whole life just to know
just to know
mother mary of the cross
you don’t know how lucky you are
we drowned the fall with misplaced tears
late night laughs and shallow fears
mother mary of the cross
you don’t know how lucky we are
mother mary of the cross
you don’t know you don’t know

of you
same thoughts, same dreams,
in knots, daydreams.
i fall into repetition of you. of you.
all you worship will repeatedly let you down
i wanna lie in a cold ravine
so shady so cool cold earth on skin
not tired


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