D-Ray playing trombone through City Hall in New Orleans Yesterday we (D-Ray & Greg) participated in a protest of the proposed new sound ordinance in the city of New Orleans. It was quite the show of genuine support of what … Continue reading


Wayyyyyyyy excited for this one. Please join us: Saturday Feb. 1 @ Parisite Skate Park (at paris ave near gentilly blvd. – under the bridge) Bands: Vibe Ruiner / Mystic Inane / All People DJs: Rotten Milk, Poly Abster, Jbla … Continue reading


Hey Friends, we put up test pressings from 10 of our past releases for mailorder. Check out all of the details HERE: http://shop.communityrecords.org/collections/526699-vinyl-test-pressings-rare-stuff


You heard the lady… 22% off ALL mailorder items ALL weekend  –  ** December 12-15 ** Use discount code:  DAISILOVESYOU http://shop.communityrecords.org ALSO! All orders over $10 receive a free CD copy of Compilation Vol. 4 * Orders ship by Tuesday, … Continue reading


CADDYWHOMPUS DESIGNER – noise/post-punk fun from boston HIGH IN ONE EYE FRIDAY DEC. 20 @ HEY CAFE 1325 st. bernard ave. $5 – all ages – 8pm facebook event  


Hey friends. You can now stream & download the entire com rec compilation vol. 4 album from BANDCAMP. check it out and share with friends please. We hope you’re having a wonderful day. http://communityrecords.bandcamp.com/ get it doggy


Hi Friends! We’re stoked to announce today that we are launching a subscription deal to receive the next $50 worth of albums that we release & a DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP. All the details are below. //////////////////////////////////////// VINYL / RECORD SUBSCRIPTION HERE … Continue reading


About release #038 released Dec. 15 2013 24 songs. The first Community Records release ever was a compilation CD. We are excited to say that almost 6 years later, we’re still here & now we have yet another rad collection … Continue reading


SPECIAL THANKS TO CHRISTIAN COSTELLO AND MIKE PLANTE FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN! Check out all their pages for other pics n’ vids Christian Costello facebook vimeo youtube Mike Plante facebook youtube