For all of you who ordered these or are interested in ordering these, just wanted to let you know. These things actually exist and will be shipped out very soon. They look great! Thanks for your support and patience. also, caddywhompus played … Continue reading

Ok. SO I only really took pictures of the lollies. Sorry if you clicked on this wanting to see pictures of other bands. Overall this show ruled. The Lollies got to play in front of a ton of new people. … Continue reading

CONSTANTINE! Thanks for being awesome! Towards the end of every month, we’ll put up pictures of our “Friend of the Month.” This month, Constantine Dhonau from Florida is the lucky winner of the get-your-face-on-the-internet club. He’s a really rad dude … Continue reading

PLEASE READ THIS AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. “The video below discusses the Senate version of the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). In the Senate the bill is called the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). SOPA has gotten more … Continue reading

This show was insane! So much dancing, so much fun, so little space! Every band was awesome and the show was in this killer art house in New Orleans. You can see some examples of the interesting art in the … Continue reading

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. May your day be as beautiful as the world he fought so valiantly to create. If you get a chance today, check out The King Center website. There’s a lot of awesome letters, speeches, … Continue reading

Show this saturday with: CADDYWHOMPUS B L A C K I E /fucks/ CHOI WOLF HABITAT Proud/Father sat. jan. 14th @ The Red House and The White House (st. claude and press) New Orleans, LA how did they  fit so many … Continue reading

Sunday’s show at the Big Top with Pancake, Boogie Nazis, and Choi Wolf was incredible! Bob and the other Boogie Nazis know how to put on quite the show. Check them out and help them book a show in your … Continue reading

Thanks out to Mary Jane for taking these photos! The show was a blast. We all had a great time playing and the touring bands were happy about the show. Over all success! It was good to see a well … Continue reading