My friend Rob who sings and plays with THE TAXPAYERS is helping to put together THE GATHERING OF THE GOOF PUNKS, and they could use our help. They put this whole thing together themselves & you know how we feel … Continue reading

SAFETY – “NIGHT LIGHTS” A long time coming, but now it’s here.  This first vinyl release for the Florida based punk band . A full length LP that is killer start to finish. No lie, one of the best records … Continue reading

Classics of Love has a new record coming out off of Asian Man Records. You can see details to pre-order the record HERE. Classics of Love features JESSE MICHAELS (vocals for Operation Ivy & Common Rider) + a rhythm section … Continue reading

Good afternoon friends! We are working on so much fun stuff everyday! In February we have some really great friends/bands coming through town. We think they rule really hard and would love to share a night of music and dancing with … Continue reading

Greetings Bredren, It’s Ryan The Lion from The Emerald City. I know some of you have been wondering what’s been up with me musically since the last Com Rec Tour with ABE, so I’m writing to let you all know … Continue reading

Made by APOCALYPSE PRODUCTIONS. Get in the van, listen to ramblings, eat some food, & go to the shows all through this one video. It’s like a Stuck Lucky TV show. Block Party announcement coming in the next two weeks. Oh yes. Have a great … Continue reading

Quality hard hitting reggae from the U.K. Please support these peoples. We did some shows with them in 2010 on our tour of the U.K. So good. New record drops soon on the U.K. label

For all of you who ordered these or are interested in ordering these, just wanted to let you know. These things actually exist and will be shipped out very soon. They look great! Thanks for your support and patience. also, caddywhompus played … Continue reading

Ok. SO I only really took pictures of the lollies. Sorry if you clicked on this wanting to see pictures of other bands. Overall this show ruled. The Lollies got to play in front of a ton of new people. … Continue reading