Per usual if you order any of this stuff we will load you up with free stickers, probably a free record & also eternal gratitude in the form of a handwritten note. We love you & thank you for the … Continue reading

FACEHOOK EVENT.    THE ROOKS. we haven’t done a show in 3 months, come see us play positive minded pop-punk. rob. brian. greg. YOU BLEW IT topshelf records band. from orlando florida melodic emo punk LES DOUX their … Continue reading

STUCK LUCKY & THE LOLLIES travel AMERICA (or most of it anyways). One of the best Community Records Summer Tours that we have had over the years. We had 19 dates with 17 shows. I felt like each date had … Continue reading

Click the artwork or HERE to listen. MC Rises and The Devlin Manor of Speech are the first two singles off the unreleased new Mad Conductor album, MC Rises. The album will be released later this year, but for now … Continue reading

Plan It X Fest New Orleans! Tues. July 3 @ Hey Cafe (4332 Magazine St. New Orleans) $5 • all ages • all heartfelt fun • 7pm INKY SKULLS: Folk-pop from Bloomington, Indiana. Two people with an electric Ukulele and … Continue reading

Currently I’m sitting in our apartment listening to old records and getting really excited about all the new music happening in our world right now. From what I can tell, it looks like Greg is having a supremely fun time … Continue reading

Here it is friends. Click HERE or the artwork above to start your summer off right. We even made a special URL just for this release, of which there will hopefully be many more: All of these bands are … Continue reading

Mad Conductor returned from our two week Canadian tour yesterday afternoon, stinking of our many crazy adventures. It goes without saying that most everyone we ran into treated us with extreme familiarity and kindness (minus the butthead in Montreal that … Continue reading

Hey all, so this message is long overdue but unfortunately we haven’t been able to give an official update that would be very substantial as many things have been up in the air for a long time now. So, over a year … Continue reading