Thanks for 6 years of radness and fun and music and support. We love you dearly. To help celebrate, we are offering free shipping on all mailorder within the united states from now until fri. feb 14th at midnight. Go … Continue reading


To help celebrate 6 years of Community Records, we posted all of our releases to bandcamp. Go check out something new or re-visit some old favorites. Com Rec Comp. Vol. 4 is now available for free download until we run … Continue reading


Screenprinted at the community records house. The Donovan Wolfington art was done by Otto Splotch (dog logo / compilations / veg oil van / and such). You can mailorder either one for $11 right HERE


We just put up a ton of Stuck Lucky rare art and vinyl test pressings for mail order including concept art, collages, and vinyl tests for: POSSOM SOUL, DRY DROWNING, & THEIR THEM. check it all out here: STUCK LUCKY … Continue reading


Do you book shows? Lisabi is a progressive / punk band that is from Brazil and they are touring the states for the 2nd time this year. Community Records is releasing their next EP in a few weeks and the … Continue reading


D-Ray playing trombone through City Hall in New Orleans Yesterday we (D-Ray & Greg) participated in a protest of the proposed new sound ordinance in the city of New Orleans. It was quite the show of genuine support of what … Continue reading


Wayyyyyyyy excited for this one. Please join us: Saturday Feb. 1 @ Parisite Skate Park (at paris ave near gentilly blvd. – under the bridge) Bands: Vibe Ruiner / Mystic Inane / All People DJs: Rotten Milk, Poly Abster, Jbla … Continue reading


Hey Friends, we put up test pressings from 10 of our past releases for mailorder. Check out all of the details HERE: http://shop.communityrecords.org/collections/526699-vinyl-test-pressings-rare-stuff


You heard the lady… 22% off ALL mailorder items ALL weekend  –  ** December 12-15 ** Use discount code:  DAISILOVESYOU http://shop.communityrecords.org ALSO! All orders over $10 receive a free CD copy of Compilation Vol. 4 * Orders ship by Tuesday, … Continue reading