HUMIDITY SKATE SHOP 515 Dumaine Street New Orleans, LA facebook page here BLOCK PARTY 2012 – sponsor / participant HUMIDITY SKATE SHOP – charles johnson Humidity skate shop has helped out Block Party since our first time throwing it in … Continue reading

Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus – Block Party Artist Feature – Block Party 2012 Community Records Block Party¬†- Sat. April 21st @ The Big Top Matt Wixson writes too many songs. He is always working, always improving, and always positive in … Continue reading


SEE YOU IN MEXICO – The Doomed Traveler A concept album about a man’s journey home from a failed expedition. Recorded by Ryan Leavelle & his amazing friends in Seattle, WA, and additional vocals, mixing, and mastering by Bryan Leavelle. … Continue reading

Here are just some photos of progress we have been making. Cinder blocks are painted: Zach Quinn is doing his best: & Posters are posted all over uptown & mid-city New Orleans. Also. We finished painting / building some lights … Continue reading

BRUNT OF IT @ Block Party 2012 – sat. april 21st at the big top. What a fu*king fun band. They never disappoint always bringing strong live performances and recorded material that rules. Traveling all the way from Boston, MA … Continue reading

Safety has 2 Nights of release shows for their new album Night Lights. The first is in New Orleans at the Community / Chinquapin Records showcase show. The second is in Tallahassee Florida at the Shark Tank. Here are the … Continue reading

A Billion Ernies – Artist Feature – Block Party 2012 Community Records Block Party – Sat. April 21st – @ The Big Top For about 3 years, A Billion Ernies quit their lives and toured the country what seemed like … Continue reading

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Just posted a new video of some of the work we have been doing around town to get the word out. Hope to see you at Block Party 2012!

Vox and The Hound – new orleans based folk/country well composed pop group (which features our very own D-Ray) is doing a Daytrotter Session Tuesday March 13th at 7pm in Austin,TX @ SXSW. The LIVE stream starts at 7:40pm. It … Continue reading