Screenprinted at the community records house. The Donovan Wolfington art was done by Otto Splotch (dog logo / compilations / veg oil van / and such). You can mailorder either one for $11 right HERE


We just put up a ton of Stuck Lucky rare art and vinyl test pressings for mail order including concept art, collages, and vinyl tests for: POSSOM SOUL, DRY DROWNING, & THEIR THEM. check it all out here: STUCK LUCKY … Continue reading


Do you book shows? Lisabi is a progressive / punk band that is from Brazil and they are touring the states for the 2nd time this year. Community Records is releasing their next EP in a few weeks and the … Continue reading


D-Ray playing trombone through City Hall in New Orleans Yesterday we (D-Ray & Greg) participated in a protest of the proposed new sound ordinance in the city of New Orleans. It was quite the show of genuine support of what … Continue reading


Wayyyyyyyy excited for this one. Please join us: Saturday Feb. 1 @ Parisite Skate Park (at paris ave near gentilly blvd. – under the bridge) Bands: Vibe Ruiner / Mystic Inane / All People DJs: Rotten Milk, Poly Abster, Jbla … Continue reading


Hey Friends, we put up test pressings from 10 of our past releases for mailorder. Check out all of the details HERE: http://shop.communityrecords.org/collections/526699-vinyl-test-pressings-rare-stuff


You heard the lady… 22% off ALL mailorder items ALL weekend  –  ** December 12-15 ** Use discount code:  DAISILOVESYOU http://shop.communityrecords.org ALSO! All orders over $10 receive a free CD copy of Compilation Vol. 4 * Orders ship by Tuesday, … Continue reading


CADDYWHOMPUS DESIGNER – noise/post-punk fun from boston HIGH IN ONE EYE FRIDAY DEC. 20 @ HEY CAFE 1325 st. bernard ave. $5 – all ages – 8pm facebook event  


Hey friends. You can now stream & download the entire com rec compilation vol. 4 album from BANDCAMP. check it out and share with friends please. We hope you’re having a wonderful day. http://communityrecords.bandcamp.com/ get it doggy