All People – Chain – Shirt – $10 – here All People – Person Shirt – $11 (gray w/ pink & white ink) – here World’s Strongest Man / All People – Split Cassette Tape – $5 – here Re-stocked … Continue reading


Ryan & Bryan Leavelle of A Billion Ernies have enlisted 2 friends and started another band! The band is called SEQUELS. You can hear their debut EP “heathens & heretics” streaming on bandcamp right HERE. Rad! Skacore! They are playing … Continue reading

About release #044 released April 22 2014 1. Doubt 2. Unfinished Book 3. Love 4. Litwop 5. Conversations most of these songs will be re-recorded and re-released for a full length album due out early on in 2015. album recorded … Continue reading


Check out the new 7 inch vinyl & tee shirt we have for Murphy’s Kids! “This is where we live” You can hear the album on bandcamp – HERE. The vinyl is available for mailorder – HERE  For fans of rocksteady / … Continue reading


About release #040 released April 22 2014 1. You Don’t Fool Me 2. Belong 3. Dig 4. Terror 5. Big Blue 6. Callus 7. You Found It Out 8. Dedicated 9. Deadso “It’s simple, beautiful, dreamy… like Motown broke off … Continue reading


About release #041 released May 20 2014 1. I. Catching Out II. The Farther We Get The Better 2. The Wye 3. I. Who I Am, Who I Was II. What Will I Become 4 I. Corrosion & Weakend Joints … Continue reading


BLOSSOM TALK we are so excited to present to you an event that includes: live music, visual art, and drag from 4 New Orleans artists. w/ a spoken word performance from Austin Texas. please join us for this rad event. … Continue reading


All People / Donovan Wolfington / We Are The Union amongst many other friends are playing FEST this year. Community Records will also be tabling at the flea market. Check out all the details HERE.


Only about 12 hours left to hear the first 3 tracks of this album. Check out the details here: