Some web-site issues (store / mailorder)… Bear with us.

(bear with us)

Hey Friends,

So it seems as if the functionality on our store is not working properly. It is having trouble “adding items to the cart” and such. We just figured out that this problem has been happening most of the day. It seems like there may be some issues with shipping & shirt sizes and stuff too. SOOOOOO if you’re trying to order something right now and it does not go through, we’re really sorry. We should hopefully have it working tomorrow or the next day. Please bear with us.

The Mailorder mixtape deal will say available until all 25 copies are gone, I think we have had about 10 orders go through earlier today before the store function went down, so there are still about 15 copies left to grab once it is working properly again.

Thanks for your patience. All of our downloads are still free and they still work, download some new free music HERE for Download Day 6. It is in the nature of a D.I.Y. record label that something like this would happen on the 5 year mark of our existence, we will be fighting the good fight for years to come. D.I.Y. or die.


-Greg & D-Ray



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