Walden In A Wired World – (something to consider)

All our unhappiness comes from one thing: that we cannot bear to sit in our room, alone and silent.


– Blaise Pascal

Our best friend & band mate Rob Landry exposed us to this article.

Seems a bit ironic that I’m typing this message out to be read on a computer screen, but this article has a few ideas that are worth considering. The newest form of technology and communication has broken down many barriers and paved paths that were not so long ago no where near possible. I / we embrace many of them through community records, our use of free downloads, social media, and such, is a sign that we want to use them to communicate our messages. We do not think or desire to make the argument that they should not be used, but we do believe that too much of a good thing can result in a negative reaction.

The article HERE inspired us to go outside and reconnect with the natural world a bit. Maybe it will do the same for you. We do not agree with everything proposed here, but some of it makes sense. What do you think about it?

Stay smart, stay strong, stay awake, stay positive thanks for reading this & being here with us.

Peace always.

-Greg, D-Ray, & The Com Rec Crew


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