Fall 2012 Projects & some weekly updates. Plus Hurricane Issac

These are just some of our plans for the last months of 2012. We will probably also be releasing a CD for BRUNT OF IT, improving the street team, web-site, and newsletter, as well as taking on the fliering band here in New Orleans.

I’m currently at the Hey Cafe riding out Hurricane Issac. D-Ray and Ryan are in Slidell, Louisiana with family. The power will probably go out tonight, so I’m getting some internet stuff in now before that. Hopefully we shouldn’t be with out all of those modern day western society luxuries for too long, but if we are, we have plenty of food and water to get by for a while.

Spending a while today working on bass lines, vocals, and drinking coffee.

D-Ray is looking at great photos of himself as a child.

We saw LIGHTNING BOLT play with THOU & CLOUD RAT at the big top Matinee show this past weekend:

We got some new 1 inch buttons in from stuck lucky

Which we will be giving away for some donations this friday at the mushroom:

(as long as weather permits)



HABITAT – link
3 piece favorite fuzz pop experimental

4 piece post punk heavy dub reggae
http://www.no/ internets yet – after new album.com


7pm. over before 10. all ages welcome.

Bring some dollas if you feel inclined.
We will be collecting donations to help fund the first release from All People. We start recording our EP the weekend after this at The Living Room in Algiers.

Also there will be some sort of get together / party of sorts after this show. Details TBA. Mark yer calendars.

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