A day in the life (7-22-2012)

These are some photos I took.

They “imploded” a building at 8am this morning in New Orleans. It was pretty cool. I woke up early along with a number of other people to whiteness the wreckage. Check out the full story HERE

Zach of The Lollies, Ryan of A Billion Ernies, Duck of Joystick, & Hunter of FTA / Controller & I all went to go see The Dark Knight rises last night. Big ‘ol blockbuster fun. We went late so I was pretty surprised I had the energy to make it up before 8 am to catch this building go down. Very glad I did.

After that I did housework stuff, got groceries, drank coffee, then started working on the article I am working on for Anti-Gravity (new orleans alternative culture publication). The article will be about this past Community Records Summer Tour & feature a few pictures I took.

After I worked on this for a while, I went by the weekly sunday after noon PUNK ROCK TAKEOVER matinee show. The idea behind these shows is to feature 3 local bands of D.I.Y. leanings (no matter the genre) at the all ages art space (our favorite) THE BIG TOP. It’s $5 or less if you bring a food donation and all money goes to a local non-profit. Catch all the details HERE.

This week featured LOGARDA, NEW LANDS, & BABY BOY.

The show was awesome, here’s some pictures I took:




I then ate a sandwich, then went skateboarding at the peach orchard. The peach orchard is an amazing place. It is 100% D.I.Y. built skatepark here in New Orleans. It was originally built on rail road property, then the rail-road company bull dozed it :(. But the resilient admirable people built it up even bigger and better. It’s under an overpass now. I would put the exact location, but this is one of those diamonds you just gotta find on your own.

Here’s their blog, tons of good stuff: http://peachorchard.wordpress.com/

(above: not me)

Then I came home completed an interview from ska mutiny records in the U.K. for their fanzine, and now I’m doing this blog post. Gonna chill out now.

Good night, hope to see you soon. Possibly at THE ROOKS SHOW THIS THURSDAY.???

<3 you.

-Greg Rodrigue



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