2012 Summer Tour Photos & Re-Cap

STUCK LUCKY & THE LOLLIES travel AMERICA (or most of it anyways).

One of the best Community Records Summer Tours that we have had over the years. We had 19 dates with 17 shows. I felt like each date had something positive to take from it. Going out on the road always finds a way to re-inspire me, wear me out, and create lasting memories all at the same time. We managed to cover a lot of ground. Two bands in one van; it was slightly uncomfortable, but it made our lofty goal of traveling across the country playing underground music financially reasonable. We started off in New Orleans, made it through Tennessee, Indianapolis, and Chicago to find ourselves in Michigan. Then crossed through Ohio to do 6 dates in the Northeast (CT, Boston, NY, NH, NJ). After that we finished the tour traveling down the east coast to end in Atlanta.

Seeing friends in towns across the country is one of the best parts of getting to do something like this. Most towns we went through we were received with open arms and open hearts. Often times we would show up to free food, excitement, and smiles from those that had offered to help set up the shows. This type of environment & mentality is what keeps our D.I.Y. music scene vibrant and constructive. To go across the country and then take that positivity back to our home town just reinforces that together we can create something meaningful.  Community Records may not be “popular” on some sort of large scale, but we have some amazing people who are a part of what we do. It truly does feel like family.

Stuck Lucky & The Lollies both have a bunch of new tunes & killed it each night. Each group has new albums coming out later this year. Stuck Lucky’s new album will probably be released before The Lollies finish theirs. It was interesting to see both bands perform their music with more proficiency as the tour went on. Playing your tunes every night for basically 3 weeks in a row has a way of making you sound pretty damn good. I was happy to observe their progress and the positive crowd response. You can download one of the new STUCK LUCKY tracks from our 2012 SUMMER SAMPLER w/ Chinquapin Records.


Thanks out to all the bands and people who helped make this possible. I’ll try and mention most of them here (if we forgot you on this list, it’s certainly not intentional): Brunt Of It, Still Alive, Push-Ups, The Disregardables, One Hand Clap, Chilled Monkey Brains, Hempsteadys, Royal City Riot, All Over The Place, Drg/Dwn, Lindsay Sanderson, Jimmy Doyle, A Minor Revolution, The Best Of The Worst, Feudalism, The Not Likleys, Nuncunt, Henry’s Rifle / The Limbo Bar, Take A Hint, Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus, Rubrics, Nick Selm, The Rouge Nation, and The Big Top.

We love you all and hopefully we will be out doing something like this again soon. We seem to get a bit better at it each time, so gotta just keep pushing and progressing. Thanks for your support & for being here with us. Peace.

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Our new friends from South Carolina. They have a band called: Lestro.

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  1. nathan says:

    your journey has been very inspiring. I hope to one day accomplish many diy tours myself and tomake it to new orleans, and you can grace my band with some of that great hopitality new orleans is famous for.

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