Born in the 90s. Never left. This New Orleans based 3 piece band started playing music together during their high school years together in Houston, Texas. Their close friendship translates into the music they create in that it feels simple, yet dense, layered, and mature. Alex Skalany and Matthew Seferian (guitar – Donovan Wolfington) share roles of guitar, bass, and lead vocals while Atticus Lopez provides a backbone of well structured drum parts. The final product is something that reflects influence from noise / grunge / pop bands such as superchunk and pavement, yet provides a fresh perspective that makes their musical project sound exciting and unique. We are way stoked to be releasing their debut full length “Fiction” on Tuesday March 10th on 500 clear / purple mix vinyl. Funeral Sounds Records will be releasing the tape. Stay tuned for the pre-order and the singles. We couldn’t stop listening to their EP in the veggie oil van while on tour this summer, so releasing their next effort was an obvious choice. Check out the “Known Weed Smoker” EP below.

Stream the first single, “Let Down,” off their latest record, Fiction, on Stereogum:

Order purple / clear mix vinyl or clear cassette tape of “Fiction”below:

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